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Mdina is a beautiful medieval walled town situated upon a plateau near the centre of Malta and was once the capital of Malta.   It is one of the highest points on the Island of Malta.  Mdina has a population of around 300 and only allows a certain amount of traffic to enter; mainly emergency services and a set number of vehicles belonging to residents, and for this reason, is known as the “Silent City”.   In 1693 an earthquake reduced most of Mdina to rubble.  The majority of buildings that you see in this quaint little town have been rebuilt after this date.

There is a legend that the Apostle St. Paul lived here after he was shipwrecked in the first century.  The architecture of this town comes mainly from when the Arabs occupied Mdina until the Normans conquered Malta in 1091.

The majority of the palaces in Mdina now serve as residential homes.  You can take a self-guided audio tour through the winding narrow streets of this quaint town which feels like you are walking through an outdoor museum.  There are a few attractions to see in Mdina one of which is the Cathedral and it is well worth being on your list of things to do in Malta.

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